Thursday, February 25, 2010

*going to Taiwan...

My grandfather is in the intensive care overseas, I WILL BE LEAVING THE COUNTRY 2.24.10 ~ 3.12.10. ALL ORDERS BEGINNING 2.23.10 WILL BE SHIPPED AFTER MY RETURN. I plan to also find items which i can design during the trip, I will try to post them if possible. Thank you for your understanding!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

*achilles featured on craft candy

*feature of the week: ChenilleMacabre

chinese new year is this sunday, the year of the tiger! i've been off-line and have neglected my blog for personal reasons. but now i'm back and feeling more peaceful than ever. so for this week's feature from the dark side is: ChenilleMacabre


"Another of the popular Rakshasa warriors from Chenille Macabre, this white tiger warrior from the far East is skilled in the deadly pairing of the katana and the wakisashi! He is as noble in heart as he is fierce in battle!

The White Rakshasa Mini stands 2" (5.08 cm) high. His body is built from chenille stems. His armor is felt with a funfoam belt buckle sporting a gem. His (non-removable) swords are built from plastic, funfoam and felt.

The White Rakshasa Mini is quite poseable! He is the only one of his kind, and he bears my signature on the soles of his feet!" ~ChenilleMacabre

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