Friday, January 23, 2009

new! new! new!

this week was a a very busy week! i had a delivery to casita de pueblo with lots of new items for valentine's day!


i had made these little trinket heart tin boxes with many new images and some older ones. i sprinkled ultra fine crystal glitter and regular crystal glitter on all of them. i finished it with a ribbon rose on each for the final look! they are cute and very affordable! you can find them here or on my etsy store. these are great for valentine's day as a gift or you can use them as the gift box for something sweet and nice! or you can simply keep it for yourself!

then over here, i finally made more of these wood earrings with my new images! some have glitters and some don't, they all came out really cute!

of course more catrina skull earrings! it's been a month since i made over 90 pairs! i love how they all turned out! i designed most of them with hearts, in pink and red for mainly valentine's day. you can find majority these here. i plan to make some more for olverita's village and my etsy store.

last but not least! candles and vases with the new images! it was really nice to see all the pieces that i've been working on this past month on all these products! now, i'm going to catch up on my sleep this weekend!

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