Monday, October 26, 2009

*10th annual day of the dead celebration at hollywood forever

october 25, 2009
4 pm - 11 pm

it took ridiculously 2 hours to get into the cemetery. considering, i took short cuts on my exists and streets. next time, i have better ideas on parking!

we were there for almost 2 hours, once it became dark, there just seemed more people! it became hard to see and i didn't want to loose c so eventually we left. i didn't understand how more people showed up after dark, it was quite nice to see things and arts in day light...



amazing aztec dancers!

the coolest part was...we were on our way out,
this lovely family, mom, dad, and 2 skeletons! 

the highlight of our trip was meeting hector silva again. he had a booth there, he was so kind and humble to offer c one of his prints! he kindly encouraged for c to always continue on his drawings! i was floored and didn't know what to say but thanked him as c picked out his favorite piece! we when had met him in whittier 2 weeks ago, even just his words to c, c was already inspired and encouraged. now, so much more.

i'm not sure the title of this piece...tbd (i took this with
my phone, will update with a better one later)

when i was a little, being creative and artistic was a given in our big family so it was expected of us to be able to make things or draw things. encouragements or inspirations didn't exist. i think if i'd meet someone like hector silva, it would mark deep impressions on me and that's so important for young people like c. he's already drawing drawing drawing and asking me if the drawings are better than hector's. i look at them and tell him, he's on the way there but not yet. he needs to practice a lot more!

i think he's inspired...he must be and i'm so greatful to hector silva! he's one of a very few humble great artist of our time!

overall, it was a great experience to check out this annual event!

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