Wednesday, December 2, 2009

*feature of the week: bellalili

(this one is mine!)

I had a REALLY hard time deciding to part with this bracelet. Its completely and utterly amazing! I am sooo tempted to keep it for myself.

Made up of a smooth wide nickel free silver cuff, a large richly detailed sterling silver plated chevron tooling and a huge skull. All of it has been mold to fit together to look like one piece of metal. Its adjustable with some muscle but i wouldn't recommend adjusting it too much. Just enough to get it on and off. Repeated adjustment can make metal brittle over time.

This is a HEAVY bracelet. Its such a statement piece.

This coordinates with all of my other "Bones" pieces for sale in my shop.

Adjusts to fit size 6, 7, 8 or a 9" wrist.
2 1/2" wide from the top of the skull to the bottom of the tooling. (Wow! That's big!)" ~BellaLili  
this is an item which i have from BellaLili and i just love it. i love it so much that i finally remember to blog about and show this item. i've had it since this PAST summer. BellaLili  makes limited pieces so once the item is gone, it's really gone! the funny thing is, i saw the identical item on etsy the other day. i know, even i have similar items that many other sellers have especially my recent Twilight craze. but in this case, i mean identical in the entire store, including descriptions, almost word for word. i don't know about that...
the knock off bracelet that is on etsy right now is selling for more than BellaLili's original price.  it's like an aspired designer who knocks off an item from Marc Jacobs and sells it for more?!?! but people are buying it because they never knew it was designed by BellaLili first.

well, enjoy her store, here, BellaLili  is truly an original!

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