Tuesday, February 17, 2009

long beach antique market

love for old things!

little c and i went to one of our favorite flee market this past sunday, the long beach outdoor antique market. we had only 2 hours to look through the whole thing and it was freezing! to my surprise, there were lots of people shopping under the gloomy clouds! i just love, love, love LOOKING at old things!

i bought a bunch of vintage jewelry for my skull hair clips but there wasn't much that fit well with my designs. as i was filled with disappointments, little c suggested that i make little hair clips. i thought that was a good idea but i didn't have any supplies to make the clips. so i took apart everything and made a bunch of rings out of the possible ones! they turned out pretty cool!
i'm addicted, it was so much fun making them and see the result from turning something old into something simple with the vintage flare! i'll be listing some in my etsy store soon!

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