Wednesday, September 23, 2009

feature of the week: mountainscreamer

"slightly curious bib"


"What a little cutie pie this one is! Wear this "bib" to add a touch of sweetness and femininity to any outfit. Looks great over many styles of tops and dresses! Wear it with a button-down as shown or with a scoop neck, or maybe tucked under a jacket or sweater, like a dickie. Would also look perfect as part of a sweet little gothic lolita get-up!

This particular bib is made with black lace as the base (it is see through!), and trimmed with some old salvaged peach lace and a big shabby-chic crushed velvet bow. The bow and its tails are stitched into place to maintain that crumpled look. So darling!

One Size fits all! Ties in the back with a black satin ribbon." ~mountainscreamer

be sure to check out her other amazing pieces in her etsy store, or here!

to find out more on mountainscreamer, she also has another shop on etsy, here.

as a member of etsy dark team, i decided to feature an item every wednesday from one of our members! this wasn't my idea, i borrowed it from one of our team member, todoteordream! be sure to check out our site or search for etsydarkteam when you are on etsy!

be back next wednesday for feature of the week!

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