Wednesday, September 2, 2009

yellow sickness

"yellow sickness"
30 x 30
oil canvas

i finally got this painting, "yellow sickness". i believe it's almost a year old since it was painted. it was actually personally delivered to me by the painter, vale, how nice is that!

so the story is...
this angel became evil and dark because she spent life with this human, the man on the floor. he sucked away all of her positive energies as time went on. the more they lived together, the more she became him, the human. she was no longer angelic nor pure. to a point in their life, she crushed him when he cheated on her by simply leaving him. he dies as she dies, as life is eternal, he remained a human and she became a dark angel. everything dark and evil became beautiful to her because she no longer believed or saw anything the same as the rest of the world. she fell in love with the devil (the human) so she chose to find purity in what humans fear, darkness. their love lives on forever but they are separated due to the stupidity made by that human. as for all those eyes, they are just eyes of the people in this world watching their story.

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