Tuesday, September 1, 2009

prep for a batman superhero party

beside my usual busy life...i've been super super super busy the last few weeks, planning for c's first big birthday party...a superhero party. yup, he will be 5 in a few more days. time flashed so much faster when life is busy. he was just born, i promise, i just had a c-section and my doctor had just pulled him out...he was just learning to walk, always falling, always picking on the tiny little stuff (becoming meticulous)...i tell him often that i don't want him to grow...i do, i think all mothers can understand...

i had c dressed in his batman outfit (his pjs) with his cape that i purchased from homemadeheroes as a sample for me to make gazillion more! i then designed a digital photo and gave him a mask because the one that came with the cape was too tiny for c!

this batman pinata is almost as tall as i am! he's been
hanging out in our hall way!

so i cut half of a batman logo on color, in order to cut a full
batman logo on black felt

cutting these were not very fun...

goodie bags!!!

i'm getting anxious as the days are coming closer, all i hope is for everything to go well and for all the children to have a blast!

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  1. what did you put inside the goodie bags? I am planning for my daughter's 4th birthday, princess and superhero's.