Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"我 heart 媽媽" i heart ma ma

for mother's day, i designed 'i love ma ma' in chinese traditional characters. i have made buttons, magnets, and 8x10 prints. i'm trying to raise an x amount for the s.g.i. may contributions this year. so for these items, 75% of sales will be donated to s.g.i. usa!

i decided to open another shop grigio, away from snookybootzi because i wanted to keep the supplies on it's own. i also realized in grigiodesign, it was getting really mixed, from my skulls to my photography. i can't focus on one aspect because there are so many things to create in so many platforms.

on top of all, graphics has never left me as it is my second nature, i cannot deny it. :) so to keep things organized, all supplies will be in snookybootzi; all skull and folk art will remain in grigiodesign; and grigio will have graphics and non skull jewlery!

the unique thing about grigio is 25% of all sales will always go to s.g.i., 25% of all sales will always go to 'karingisshering' (caring is sharing). my twin little's sisters are building their non profit art organization to teach less fortunate children. i want to do as much as i can to support them as they build this great organization!

"生日快樂"(happy birthday) "我 heart 爸爸" (i heart daddy)

"mr. and mrs. lopez"

"mr. and mrs. gastelum"

i also decided to make some buttons from some of my most beloved couple earrings! i am trying to list them all this week!


i purchased these gorgeous vintage beads from etsy seller lunatiger and when they arrived on friday, oh, i just had to use them right away. and out with these! i love love love them! they are all in the grigiodesign store right now.

"grigio acciaio"

"velluto nero"


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