Thursday, April 2, 2009

guitar voucher & aceos!

"guitar voucher"
limited edition of 50
maximilian baud/grigio design

guitar voucher...

it was a when i turned a quarter of a century old. my dear friend maxmilian didn't have time to get me a present due to school projects. so he had given me this voucher with a drawing of a guitar as my birthday card...find this here. of course i have got the real thing soon after!

i hope i'm remembering this's a beautiful thing to reminisce sweet things people have done for you! i find it difficult for me to remember bad things pass 6 months, i would have to really think hard...why waste time or energy right?it's hard enough to remember all the great things already!

the original
maximilian baud

with his permission, i had decided to play with the colors of the image and turn it into an aceo artist card! because i've been busy designing my these aceo cards from some of my most beoved skull catrina earrings! these are all limited edition and can be found in my etsy store.

some examples of my loves...

limited edition of 100

"salsa salsa ii"
limited edition of 100

"tiger heart"
limited edition of 100

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