Sunday, April 26, 2009

katsuya hollywood


saturday evening, as i arrived @ katsuya in hollywood, i felt something familiar. philippe starck was in my mind...but i got distracted with the people, food, interior designs, etc. everything was gorgeous! from the plates to the waiters/waitresses to the restroom sinks, seriously, amazing!
it wasn't until i was in the restroom when i saw the s+arck on the katsuya paper folded hand towls. it didn't say philippe starck but i knew, this is first class philippe starck design! i wasn't wrong when i felt something familiar!

as i recall, almost every where you go in paris, germany or italy, you often see starck's product designs everywhere. in los angeles, we are fortunate to be able to any of his hotels in beverly hills to view and enjoy his designs!

(stock photo)

in the very near future (next year), i will be seeing his work at the delano in miami! and hopefully felix restaurant at the peninsula hotel in hong kong or the volar nightclub in shanghai...oh there's just way too many!

i feel that as a designer, i have much more appreciation whenever i am actually in such a beautiful designed hotel or restaurant. i observed the whole place, the people, the tables, the chairs, the graphic signs, the ceiling, etc. i even checked out all the paparazzi out side katsuya. that's how insanely this place was. it always takes me back to art center years, from conception to execution then to the final product. how stoked it is when it's in the real world!

(stock photo)

oh and the food...most fancy or high end design restaurants have average food. but not wasn't your ordinary japanese restaurant. they had a delicious menu! i didn't have any single dish as the food came as shared for our party. most of the photos turned out pretty dark as it was pretty dark inside!

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