Tuesday, April 14, 2009


limegreenmodern says:

a simple splash of silver, 18 g sterling up-round-overs are handformed and hammered by me. the front and back lengths are just over 1 3/4". the front is hammered flatter for a bolder look. i then tumble them for a few hours to harden them and add a brilliant silver shine.

these earrings are a heavier gauge, and fit fine for those who have had their ears pierced for awhile. 18 gauge is a touch thicker than a standard paper clip."

i've been meaning to blog about these up-round-over silver earrings, can be found here. i don't wear jewelry every day but these are super great because you don't even realize you have them on since they are so light! if i rush out to the post office or something, i just put them on to go with my painting clothes, they still looked great! tracy at limgreenmordern actually customized these for me at 2.75" long since i love long and big earrings!

you will fall in love with these as i have! so please check it out!

i think these are the next ones i will be getting...

or these...

or theses...

oh i can't make up my mind yet! enjoy!

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