Monday, April 27, 2009

red hydrant press

so my current fix is the ideas of angels vs. devils. i am intrigued with what artists create when they design or paint their versions of the devil. in reality, the devil can be the person who wakes up next to you, just a normal looking being. thus, my fasination is who ever started the red looking man with horns?

i searched for "devils" on etsy and found many different things. i came across alynn guerra's etsy shop the redhydrant, or here. i must admit, i got off track with angels vs. devils, gotta leave that for another time because this is much more interesting! sorry!

i truly love her philosophy with her approach to her art.

"i create art to help me understand and assimilate my everyday life tribulations. there are is a broad range of themes in my work: a ludic approach to civilization, images of cultural and political history, and images that have echoed my own life experiences and culture.

the construction season series

there are two sides of this story,

-the paradox; we build more roads that take us to remote places that were not accessible before, but we destroy those places in the process.

- the satire; the construction mess we experiment after the winter is over, here in michigan people say that we have two seasons winter and construction, i mix both in my prints."

you can find more about alynn guerra here.

i came to appreciate pieces that are carved from a variety of knives and gauges after i discovered dennis mcnett, more info here.

"death gathering cycles"

"what is mine..."

i love art that is soooooo conceptual, not just making something pretty or just for a nice view...concept is the core of a successful piece of art. this piece is not only conceptual but amazing. from the piece, to the title, and to the explanation (long or short), all these components must sync. to the eyes of an artist, it must be felt by your audience.

her pieces caught not only my eyes but my heart, then you just know that you want to see more and to know more...and to own some of these precious pieces!
i adore artist who carves their visions and their feelings out, it's just so incredible!
i'm still deciding which one i will purchase for my collection to hang in my many...

"los bicicleteros"

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