Sunday, March 29, 2009

in lakech

in process...
30 x 30 canvas
mixed media

i'm not near finishing but i am's been sitting around for a week, well, i've also been busy creating other things...but i wanted to share what i'm painting...

my mind is already on 3 other ideas i want to work on, it's really hard to choose and try to seize the emotional moments...sometimes that energy is non stop and sometimes there's just a little bit...

i've got all the main parts down and the concept, it's a pretty solid one. briefly, it's a woman's human revolution and to empower female of our time to conquer all the darknesses within themselves. it's the 21st century, you make or break for no body else but yourself. to fight hard daily within yourself to reach your mount everest. no body will be doing this for you. as mothers, we shall teach our children, especially our daughters the importance of independence rather than the idea of finding somebody to depend on. it is a must, i've been saying this to my daughter since she was 3 years old.

while we are young, we must develop our sense of self love and confidence. then when we grow older, we will possess undefeated strength and wisdom to help others. rather than be in the minds of a young teen when we are in our 40s, 50s... how scary is that! but it is a fact, there are men and women who are into their 40s, 50s... whom never had the life experiences to develop their inner self.

i chose red as the robe of this woman meditating peacefully on a big lotus flower. the red is the same red as the revolution star and it also symbolizes luck and prosperity.

my galactic signature

around the head of this woman, you see the mayan astrology signs. i found it in connection with buddhism in th sense that the mayan astrology directs to the heart of who we have become in our present incarnation. our galactic signature provides us with a mission statement for our lifetime. each of us have our own mayan sign along with our galactic signature. we all have a purpose in this lifetime, but it's for yourself to discover it.

"as you look deeper into the meanings of the tone and tribe of your signature, you begin to reveal the source of who you are, how you create yourself in the world, and what the essence of your journey here on earth is all about.
you can begin to see your archetypal characteristics manifest adn grow through your interations with other signatures, whether they are the energies of a particular day, or acknowledging the signatures of those around you." find this here.

you can find out your galactic signature here, i need to spend more time studying this...but it's amazingly interesting, please check it out!

i'm thinking to title this "in lakech", i am another yourself...mayan

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