Sunday, March 8, 2009

with gratitude...

the saints and sinners opening reception turned out amazing at the folk tree this past saturday! many thanks to my family, friends, and fans who took time out of their busy schedule to support me and their purchases!

i have to thank the folks at the folk tree for the nice spot for "pure" ! the other things were kind of scattered around but this was like the main section for my painting and the ornaments, "beauty in satans"!
i loved how the lights sparkled up the metallic paint on the painting! yeh!

yum yum! what a great place for my earrings, cards, and prints! i ate a lot of those crackers on the left!

and there's gale, the most awesome person! i was so impressed with her since the day i met her. she's extremely organized and skillful at putting all of these events together at the folk tree, all year round! and that's the entrance to the gallery.

i liked this

and this...this man was just chillin' on the wall...

so it was farewell to mr. and mrs. martinez, see below, one of my most beloved earrings. it was super high when it was purchased at my etsy store, but sadness at the same time. it's been a while since i designed couples, i think i should do it soon again! (i promise i will!) i had to blog this for my own memories! that's just how much i loved it!

when designing couples, it's not the easiest because they have to make sense and they have to be the same height, the same colors, similar materials, etc...but i do enjoy making them!

(mr. and mrs. martinez 2008)

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