Tuesday, March 17, 2009

working hard

march 15, 2009 giveaway winner >>>

congratulations to:

alexandria beckerman of ohio!

april 15, 2009 giveaway:

"believe" 2009

the above earrings will be the giveaway, you can see more photos through my etsy store. i will duplicate it but the skull will not look exactly the same due to the nature of "hand painted".
all you have to do is send me a message through email or convo me through my etsy store. i will randomly select a winner from the email messages. your email address will be only used for the giveaway for the month. i will notify the winner by email and i will post your name on this blog!

working hard...

i've been working on these on and off for the past month and i finally finished them! yeh! i'm so happy! oh and they are so lovely, if you like big earrings, you will love these! (i love big earrings!) i posted them all up at my esty store, a couple of them i can replicate if i still have the same beads but i prefer just to make something new! i know these prices are higher than the others but it's obvious that they take longer...the thinking...the materials...the look...!!

very gross...

my cat, wawa, is so particular, she refuses to eat the new cat food that i picked up from the dollar store the other day. i usually buy them from target or walmart but not this time, while at michaels, there was a dollar store. hoping she would be greatful that i didn't forget her.

little man went to the back and told me he saw something dead by wawa. i didn't believe him (horrible of me), but he insisted that i go check it out. so i did, and this is what i found...

i don't want to even pick this up! it's so wrong!

don't buy this food if your cat is picky!

miss. wawa, chillin after the kill, spoiled...

this is the second time to my knowledge, then i remembered, this was the food she would not eat. i can't remember all the brands or the flavors she likes or dislikes...i just remember to get her food! i can barely remember to eat myself sometimes! especially this past week!

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