Thursday, March 12, 2009


fiber optics...

i finally switched today and it is amazing. if you are on the internet as much as i am, this is a must. i can't live without it. not only that, it is wireless. a verizon tech comes over for a good 3 hours and sets up everything for you. he was telling me that the speed which i paid for is the slowest one. well, it is wayyyyyyyyyy faster then DSL. i am stoked!

check out my friend brian's blog, when i had DSL, it would take ages to see one photo, now, not even a minute, that's how fast it is!


while i was waiting for the fio to get set up, i got a pleasant mail from foundhandmade that they featured my "yellow fever" hair clip on their blog today. i was stoked again! that was really cool!

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