Sunday, March 22, 2009

victoria beckham

something about victoria beckham...

i like looking at her, maybe because she's david's wife, or she's just sick. she's one of the most stylish icon and she's had 3 boys. yes, she's got some work done but she's just simply amazing!
i think the plastic parts of her are nicely executed which i find extremely attractive.

damnnnnnnnn...(after 3 kids @ 34 years old)

here she bends over backwards to look sexy in another smouldering armani lingerie ad, here.
i don't understand why people have to be so mean about her weight. there are people who just can't gain weight no matter how much they eat. people are just jealous of her. she is only 34 years old! she had 3 boys! and she's david's wife. she doesn't have to be overweight just because she had kids.

cute...beckham's offsprings...

pretty...i like

i'm not a fan of unnatural breasts, but i like them on victoria!

again, damnnnnnnnn... (excuse my expressions)

i like how they dress, casual or dressy, they always compliment
each other's outfits!

ohhhhh...what can be cuter than that! (besides shilo with brad pitt)

when they were younger...

they look so lovely!

i think they look better now. they are the same age so it's nice to see they age and grow together in the last decade and the future!


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