Tuesday, March 3, 2009


16 x 20 canvas
mixed media

over the weekend, i started on a new piece of guadalupe for work. then i ended up with this, personal yet with empowerment for someone very close to me. i was reading "faith into action" as i was thinking about this piece. i wanted to create a never been seen piece so i decided that i would create this from my heart and not look at anything. the concept behind this was basically that the image of guadalupe will give you the strength to fight all evil, lies, chaos, etc. in this world. through the power of faith, she's indestructible. the more evil that appears in your life, the stronger you become with your convictions. you are absolutely fearless. with your faith, you will overcome anything. be the revolutionist of your own life! (of course i use my own experience to ink this out!)

"people who have strong faith are fearless; they can overcome anything. there is no obstacle or adversity that they cannot surmount. in the very depths of their lives, no matter what happens, they lead lives of 'the greatest of all joys.' "

~ d. ikeda

i have prints and cards for sale on my esty store. the image is printed on sumptuous, glimmering paper which creates a shimmer look. the print simply glows, it is lustrous, lively and lovely.

(all of grigio's art cards are printed on the same exact card stock). you have to see it in person, it's very nice quality!

this was when i felt to create something different...
the major components of the chaotic background

we go through life hoping we never encounter evil people or events, and the truth is we do, no matter how simple and good we try to be on a daily base. but the important thing is when bad things happens, you cannot control what someone or something but you can control yourself through the power of prayers. there are no prayers that go unanswered. as long as you know how pure and sincere you are, you will overcome anything in a single second! in addition, it is crucial to realize that things happens for great reasons. without struggling, how could we possibly succeed? thus, we shall be the most greatful and thankful to those who bring evil and deceit into our lives. without experiencing it, we would never understand nor feel it. to possess an optimistic view toward the worst thing that can happen to you is nothing but the great conviction you posses as a human being!
it is such a beautiful feeling when you can gather all the ugliness, see it for what it is, and just let it go. i know it isn't as easy as it sounds, but if you put your heart at it with all your might, you shall gain what you desire!

i felt extremely peaceful at the completion of this "indestructible", there was a beginning and an end.

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