Wednesday, July 15, 2009

baby ronni's promotion

junior high
june 18, 2009
9 a.m.

ronni's fans, killing time with ds light.

i finally got some pictures...
it was a nice promotion for my baby girl, ronni. it's soooooooo hard to go to these things. it's a celebration for most but for me as a mother, it's happiness and sadness. i remember clearly i got her all dressed up with new backpack, new clothes, braided her, and new shoes, to take her to the 3rd grade. i have the image so vivid in my head. it tears my heart as i write this, because i'm reminiscing. it's only been a few years, how could she be going to high school already? i'm gonna keep this short. it's really hard, really really hard, because i don't want my babies to grow up.

ronni with her fans! a custom sign (in the back) was
made for ronni!

ronni's 3 grandmas (grandma, ronni
grandmama, and granny)

grandma, ronni, and grandpa

3 generations

ronni's twin aunties

daddy, granny, and ronni

c had to wear a hat because he had just got his hair cut!

it must be nice to have 3 little fans all the time!

this was on purpose...and i love it!

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