Friday, July 17, 2009

matt mattox

my favorite!

one of the best part of being an artist/designer is when i meet amazing people with the coolest names and amazing talent! AND you have this indescribable mutual understanding of being a creative being.

we understand how wonderfully subject art is and we understand how difficult it is to please the majority of the populations.

with all that said, i encountered an amazing artist this past weekend at an artist casting. i didn't make it but i had a great review and feedback vs some others who claimed they were brutalized. anyways, i was in line with matt mattox, daniel jones, and anthony santos, and became friends with them under the burning sun for a good 4.5 hours.

it was so lovely when they cut the line off right at me and sent the rest of us home. but it was actually good. i got some rest and got to go to a birthday...

so the next day it was just matt and i. fortunately, i felt we both had the same review and i was truly encouraged when i heard the volume of his voice when he was presenting. i couldn't hear what he was saying but i must say, i was sooooooo inspired. so, when it was my turn, oh boy, my heart was pumping so hard! i kept reminding myself "be like matt, be like matt"! i seriously don't remember being that nervous with anything!

i didn't get to tell matt as we said good bye, he was heading back to south carolina! overall, it was such a blast...and an honor to meet creative individuals!

i've posted some of my favorite but there are a lot more on his facebook so be sure to check them out here.

matt mattox
an extraordinary artist!

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