Tuesday, July 14, 2009

gabriela castaneda's surprise birthday party!

gabriela is 29, not 30!!!

another summer birthday party, another blast! this past weekend, it was gabriela's birthday. her hubby, rodrigo planned this surprise birthday party at their friend mike's house. with the help of sofia and oscar, the professional party planners!

i missed this party because i was late!

group foto!

another group foto!

beautiful smiles :)

another group foto and i arrived!

of course, omar & sera! :)

okay, another group foto!

alexa & ivan

alexa was pretty bored because little c didn't show up :) so eventually she went home early to get her beauty sleep, to get ready to meet little c!

this dog was a very 'kick away' dog, kind of scary, all he
wanted to do was eat, eat, and eat!

cristy, 1/2 of me, and blanca!

mike, gabriela, and omar

i think they were doing the drunk dance as i took the foto!

blanca, omar, oscar, and the birthday girl!

by now gabriela got thrown in the pool, i missed that! i can't remember what i was doing. i actually had 3 tequila shots early then spent the rest of the evening with water and tea. i had to drive home some party animals!

yup, i love taking fotos!

i'm very sure these two are a couple! gustavo & omar

last group foto session!

one from me and one from ivan!

all the fotos are courtesy of oscar & sofia!
(all fotos are linked to my etsy store)

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