Saturday, July 4, 2009

kick 'em kids vs starburst: 1/1

july 1, 2009
6 p.m.

getting ready...

i was soooooo proud!

'kick 'em kids' were great this week!

little l taking a break with mama :)

little c with mama! (that's a fake tattoo on his arm!)

little l promised he'd be up in the front this game...he sure was!

c has been practicing to be the goalie, and he got his turn at 4th quarter!

he was super great! he caught the ball at least 5 times!

i couldn't have been more proud!

it was a great game, little c played the entire 4 quarters!

coach lateef & "kick 'em kids"!!

these are great little ones! they all play so good together, they seem to all sync with each other! love them :) next game monday!

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