Monday, August 10, 2009

beautiful bats

i must admit, being as old as i am, i never knew much about bats until the past few days. (shame on me!!!) reading about them have expanded my knowledge. i was never scared of them nor thought they were harmful except i did have the impression of them being evil, i wonder how.... that was the main reason i had to find out more. i found a site,, which provided a whole lot of info about bats. check it out here.

"Bats are among the most beautiful and gentle animals on earth. They are vital to the ecosystem and enhance our lives in many ways. Insect eating bats eat millions of bugs nightly, and fruit bats bring us approximately 450 commercial products. Yet for all they do, bats are continually killed due to myths, superstition and fear. The life expectancy of a single bat exceeds 20 years, but slow birth rates limit their population growth. When just 5 bats are needlessly killed, a potential 100 years of animal life is destroyed."
my perspectives on bats have turned 360 degree, i've added batworld to my blog under "what matters". there is nothing scary or evil about bats. they are almost as cute looking as hamsters!!! this so called "dark" side, "dark" world, is nothing but subjective.

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