Thursday, August 20, 2009

i heart report signature heels!

report signature "rockwell" in grey

yes! i treated myself to some heels, it's been over a year since i bought shoes! i've been really good. after my garage sale last summer, i have only a few pair of shoes left. and i notice that if i'm out, i wear my report signature, the black or the grey.

of course, i usually get black and/or grey, since they go with everything...

they are very comfortable considering they range from 4" inches to 4.5" inches. i've even ran in them before! i think it only takes practice and if you believe you love your shoes, you'll find a way to be comfortable in them!

report signature "formosa"
(what a perfect name!)

plus, i figured, i would wear these heels for only another decade or so then i'll probably stick with only havianna flip flops. i've tried different heels made by different manufacturers, i must say, report signature is by far the best quality, style, and comfort! (for a good 6 hours)

i love love love report signature heels! :) cus i'm only 5' 2"!!!

report signature website, here.

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