Wednesday, August 5, 2009

feature of the week: beanbun

"rising sun red green tattoo black market tote
bag purse"

"a brand new style! black market is my roomiest over-the-shoulder bag, perfect to take shopping. this one is made with alexander henry japanese tattoo print fabric, gathered to the red canvas yoke at the top of the bag. the twin straps are double fold and serged on the edges, then tied at the top for a more casual look. i trimmed both straps with a cute red bow on the front. interior pocket for small items.

care instructions: i have no doubt this bag would stand up to a good washing, however i am not so sure the dyes would not run. best cleaning method would be to occasionally wipe down with a warm cloth and spot treat as needed.


width: 14"
height: 14"
depth: 4"
strap: adjustable

one of a kind, serged and topstitched to last! this bag is super sturdy and fully lined! all warning label items come with a genuine warning label on the interior pocket and a hang tag, so you can be sure your item is an original." ~beanbun

be sure to check out beanbun's other amazing pieces in her etsy store, here.

as a member of etsy dark team, i decided to feature an item every wednesday from one of our members! this wasn't my idea, i borrowed it from one of our team member, todoteordream! be sure to check out our site or search for etsydarkteam when you are on etsy!

be back next wednesday for feature of the week!

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