Thursday, June 25, 2009

'kick 'em kids' ~ 1st soccer game


i never planned to be a 'soccer mom' but i am officially one!

little c had his first game with his team 'kick 'em kids' last evening! as a mother, watching your precious one or ones on this giant field, in uniform, with a whole team, just running, you feel proud and sad at the same time! proud of them just being there and sad that they are just growing. ahhhh...motherhood, either way, we always feel positive and negative.

i remember just holding him yesterday as an infant, i remember he wasn't able to speak clearly yet, and today, he is out there in the field, kicking a soccer ball with a bunch of little ones!

little c's cousin, little l is also on his team! my sister and i decided to put their first name on their jersey because that's the name they know, they can careless what their last name is! and if people are calling their last names, they will have absolutely no idea! i can imagine that!

i was pretty shocked when i arrived, fashionably late (10 minutes), we went to the wrong field! there was a large crowd from both teams, just for these little ones! it was pretty amazing to see all the family and friends to come out and support them!

little c no. 59

yes! the other team scoring for the 6th time by 2 boys 2x larger than the rest!

they lost but it was a great 1st game!

i think the score was 6 to 0...i lost track, winning wasn't the concern for most of us. it was just cheering and watching these little ones trying and understanding the whole concept of soccer!

they will need some time til they get it! :)

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