Monday, June 8, 2009

item of the day on the edt's myspace:

it was a very nice weekend, i went to visit some good friends in canoga park for a sushi party! little c and i spent the night and woke up to some nice fresh air!

mondays are always crazy but i wanted to make sure i give some thanks to 'swstitchery' for featuring my "amor de verdad" on etsy's dark side team's myspace, or here last wednesday! i took the above screen shot in case the link disappears! thank you 'swstitchery'! be sure to check out her 'swstitchery' etsy shop for some very cool dark side items!

i love this...

"this little batling's name is stu. he loved to study zombies. one day he got just a little to close to some specimens he was observing and well... as you can see one of them thought stu was an appetizer.

♦ just over 2.5" Tall
♦ 4" Wide at the wings
♦ completely hand cut & stitched!

don't be afraid to ask for a zombie batling in custom colors, just convo so we can arrange a reserved listing :) can also be made as a pin or snap clip!" ~ swstitchery

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