Wednesday, June 24, 2009

feature of the week: blacklilypie

vampire bat in coffin

wow! how adorable is this!? i searched for 'etsydarkteam coffin' under search and after some browsing, this caught my attention! this vampire bat looks so finely crafted with lots of love!
it is handmade by tara fortin, aka blacklilypie on etsy!

"this tiny vampire bat is made from wool felt from an original pattern by tara fortin.

-his body is black and white wool felt with a satiny fabric interior to his wings. he has a tiny little felt hand and stitching on his wings. one wing is permanently attached to his body. red plastic bead eyes.
-vampire coffin is made from papier mache. it is hand painted and firmly secured to the base. The interior of the coffin is blood red wool felt.
-the platform is covered with red felt with a tulle overlay, and wrapped in a thick ribbon. bottom is craft felt.
bat is permanently glued in place. this is not intended to be a toy for children.
size is 6.5 inches or 16 cm tall(including coffin)" ~blacklilypie

be sure to check out her other amazing pieces in her etsy store, or here!

to find out more on blacklilypie, she has an amazing blog, here and another cute shop on etsy, here.

as a member of etsy dark team, i decided to feature an item every wednesday from one of our members! this wasn't my idea, i borrowed it from one of our team member, todoteordream! be sure to check out our site or search for etsydarkteam when you are on etsy!

be back next wednesday for feature of the week!

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