Wednesday, June 3, 2009

debut: eternus 13

"numerus 13"

i love rings and necklaces for myself but i'm very particular. i can never find quality, affordable, nice necklaces. since i've been designing earrings, i always find cool charms or pendants which doesn't fit for the earrings. i've collected some and they have been piling up. so, i decided that i would just make them for myself!

style, quality, and costs were the major planning. i knew if i can make at least a dozen then i have enough to match with different outfits! it hasn't been too long that i've been only getting compliments and have requests from the local stores.

after researching and some good planning, i was truly inspired by my last few pieces. "fortune baby", "lotus seed", and "eternus vita".

laughing buddha

so out with "eternus 13". as a nichiren diashonin buddhist practicioner, my love for skulls, the beauty i find in them, as we all have a skull. my firm believes in world peace, human rights, especially for women. my appreciation of gadgets, arts, h2o, charms, tools, supplies, internet, artists, freedom, creativities, etc. my love for love, for this life, and for nature! lastly, with the passing of "j', believing that the sky is the limit. to me, life is eternal, what a beautiful thing!

i've included things that are considered as "dark" in the eyes of society, however, i don't see any darkness in my eyes. but since they are considered dark, i believe and feel they are as beautiful or more beautiful than the "light".

"ba qua"

information on ba qua, here.

on all of my necklaces, i decided to add the revolutionary star as my signature! it's on either the left or the right side, a bit away from the main components.

a 'made with love' charm is attached by the heart style toggles on all the necklaces. through out this collection i wanted a nice sphere shape bead to represent our mother earth. i chose a smoky 10mm glass bead. i love 'grigio' so it only made sense. when the color is grey it is always neutral , it will go with any outfit! you can dress it up with them or just plain t shirt and jeans!

since some of the charms are limited, i won't be making massive amount on these so once they are gone, they are gone! however, i will keep designing new designs!

lastly, i needed something that would not rust or make that ugly color and smell! so i chose rhodium chains, jump rings, head pins, etc. my supplier assured me that these won't change color such as gold or silver plated!

i can go on and on and on with my ideas but i decided to end at number 13 rather than a dozen. i used latin because that's the origin of many many many things. i also named each design! i had so much fun designing and making these with all my love! please enjoy!

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