Monday, June 1, 2009

eternus vita

"our existence in this world can be likened to a dream. the issue of greatest importance and eternal relevance is how we face death, the inescapable destiny of all living beings."~ daisaku ikeda

"eternus vita"
14 x 18 canvas board

"eternus vita" is 99.9% done. i can't seem to figure out what is that tiny thing which is missing to make it 100%. i think i will just let it come to me when the time is right so this is what i have for now, maybe it will never come...

this is for all the mothers who have lost a baby during pregnancy. either by choice or force...miscarriages, abortions, or mothers, when we loose a life, a piece of us, we loose apart of ourselves. we are never the same. however, on a bright note, life is eternal. everything happens for great reasons. more lives will be created, even if you may loose one and never have another, please cherish and value what you have already.

when a girl enters motherhood, she will never go back to where she came from because a baby changes your world. as mothers, we will suffer either one, good or bad, so why not just enjoy both to the maximum?!

"when winter arrives, trees, and other plants temporarily lose their leaves. but those plants and trees possess the life to send forth new green shoots when spring comes. human death is like that, but we possess a life force that leads us to a new life - to a new mission - immediately and without pain."~ daisaku ikeda

more of jakob valentine...

it was just a few weeks ago and i've got my little collection of jakob valentine's pieces! yeh! well, after my blog, here, jakob was soooooooooo kind to send me the 'she devil' as a gift! then last week, he had a sale of the other 2 pieces which i adore! i don't collect little things like this, but how can i not?! and now i just have to find a place for them in my studio! i'm thinking right by my altar! i'll take a photo once they are settled!

oh and he had pieces which was just featured in the famous japanese magazine 'mono' , the may 6th issue. this magazine features curious, collectibles & out of this world fashion!!! for more on jakob valentine, you can find him here, or here!

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