Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pre eternus vita

pre "eternus vita"
14 x 18 canvas

what i've been painting the last 2 days. it's titled "eternus vita", almost finished. just wanted to share what i've been goal is to finish this one before i start on something else! i have a few pieces waiting to be finished!

sometimes in life, it takes a huge storm and sacrifices to gain an ultimate prize...absolute happiness. as said by che guevara, “many will call me an adventurer - and that i am, only one of a different sort: one of those who risks his skin to prove his platitudes.” i truly agree with this quote, however, i've come to realize or question, to risk his own skin to prove his platitudes to people with intellect or common senses makes sense. but what about those who aren't mentally developed or have no common senses, then it's not worth it, isn't it? to risk my own skin to prove my platitudes to humans who act like insects or animals, i'm not sure it's worth my skin...i guess that's why i am not che.

happiness is a continuous life time of efforts but to have the fortune to feel that often is probably rare for many people.

attracts positivity, negativity attracts negativity. both are contagious but only you can be the judge of how you are and who are around you! :)

i think the biggest turn was the passing of "j". my relationships with my family and friends have progressed better than ever. i feel that it's because we need to remember daily how beautiful life is and it can end at any random moment. we may not please the whole world but at least with those who we hold dear to our heart, that's the important thing.

“let me say, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”~che guevara.

i will talk about "eternus vita" once i'm finished. hint: it's regarding how life is eternal!

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