Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ciao ciao!

in the last 2 months, 4 more of my most favorites were parted from me. "mr. and mrs. martinez" were the first favorite to go, here. it's a great thing but i have sentimental feelings towards certain ones. when i made them, how i made them, how long it took me, and how i named them...

"mr. and mrs. rodriguez"
were one of the my first couples, if i remember correctly. they were purchased last week and that's when thought i needed to update all my loves that are now gone!

"amor a mexico"

"amor a mexico" was designed with mexico in mind, obviously. the components were 925 sterling silver, swarovski crystals and rhinestones, czech glass beads, shell beads, hand carved yak bone skull beads.

"mr. and mrs. lopez"

"mr. and mrs. lopez" had the highest viewers then they finally found a new home in australia! i remember i wanted to design them looking classy and sophisticated and they did turn out that way!

"salsa salsa ii"

i must say, "salsa salsa ii" was inspired after the first "salsa salsa"  see below. so i had to duplicate them but i just couldn't allow myself to duplicate it 100%. so to keep the customers happy and myself, i stayed within the exact idea but with my own choices of colors and materials. so it wasn't purely my idea on this one although i prefer my "salsa salsa ii"! i need to continue to make a few more of these but they take a long time though worth it!

last note, all these i shared, i've made aceo limited editions on my best shots, you can find them at my grigiodesign etsy store, here.

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