Monday, May 4, 2009


syphiell, emilie dionne, is a young fantasy and horror artist whom i discovered on etsy a few days ago. after browsing her etsy store, here, i fell in love with her art. now it's a must for her to make a piece for me...

what i love about her art is, she doesn't just draw or paint something pretty. some of her pieces are pretty however, they all seem to have a twist to them. and that's what caught my attention.

the above was the first piece i discovered, ohhhhhhhh, i love it, i felt that burning flame! then i needed to see more and more and more! i wonder what's the story behind this piece!? i should ask her!!!

"death dance"

i love this one because it's not the expected female who has a skull painted face. you see those a lot but look at this one, it stands out because it's a bit on the horror side but it's not!!! love love love it! it's dark but on the soft side, i like that!


of course this caught my eyes! smaller eyes, high cheekbones, and it could look like me! :)
anyways, check out syphiell's etsy store and her website.

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