Thursday, May 28, 2009

duanwu festival

dragon boat destival in taiwan

my mama's taiwanese hamburger!

"the dragon boat festival (端午節) is held on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. the festival memorializes the chinese poet qu yuan (c. 340 BC-278 BC) of the warring states period. he committed suicide by drowning himself in a river because he was disgusted by the corruption of the chu government. the local people, knowing him to be a good man, decided to throw 粽子 (zongzi) , glutinous rice wrapped in corn leaves into the river to feed the fish so they would not eat qu yuan's body. they also sat on long, narrow paddle boats called dragon boats, and tried to scare the fish away by the thundering sound of drums aboard the boat and the fierce looking carved dragon head on the boat's prow." more here.

cilantro, fat pork, salted vegetables, crushed peanuts with sugar, and bun.
(plus my mama's secret ways of making the fat pork!)

the process to get ready!

my mama made taiwanese oilly rice instead of the 粽子 (zongzi) and taiwanese hamburger. oh one bite it takes you to taiwan! i don't remember something specific we did but i remember all the dragon boat races that would show on TV and it was always so exciting!

go here for more photos!

it was also nice for dinner as my best friend peter and his twin brother came over to eat with us. it was like when when we were 14!

not to brag, my mama make the best taiwanese hamburger in the world. when she cooks, she cooks with open arms. any one who knows us have tasted one or more of her dish. she's the best chef from taiwan. i'm not just saying it because she's my mama, it's a fact! :)

yum yum yum!

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  1. Wow, nice food. Duanwu Festival is commonly known as the Dragon Boat Festival.It is celebrated in Hong Kong as well as Macau. It is government declared public holiday in the province of Taiwan. Festival is generally celebrated on the fifth month’s fifth day according to the lunar calendar. Three of the mainly extensive actions that as carried out for the Duanwu Festival are eating as well as preparing zongzi. For more details refer Dragon boat festival