Saturday, May 16, 2009

my tattos

healing my soul at home this weekend was the best decision i've made...

while chillin' at home, i thought i'd update my blog by sharing my tattoos...i thought of tattoos because i have decided to get 3 other ones in the near future and cover one of my existing tattoo (not shown). yeah, it's that bad.

here they are...

huntington park

frutiger, i designed it with my all time favorite typeface. my first tattoo, on my left hand side wrist.

" 南無妙法蓮華經 "
huntington park

it only made sense for me to tattoo this down my spine. :)

"pig" amida 阿弥陀
april 2008

ronni was born during the year of pig. buddhsim derived from india, so it only made sense to me...:) hindu astrology pig symbol. on my right inside wrist.

april 2008

this is little c's middle name. on my left inside arm.
ronin in chinese is which is read rounin.
the chinese/japanese word rounin means "masterless samurai" and is composed of the kanji (read as "rou") meaning "wave; wandering" and (read as "nin") meaning "person" . the chinese character literally mean "wandering (or wave) person".
ronin were masterless samurai (samurai) though today the english word ronin implies one who is independent or one that "goes their own way" in the sense of a lone wolf.

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