Monday, May 18, 2009

jakob valentine

"she devil"
this takes my breath away, i just love love love it!

i'm bouncing back nicely compared to the last two weeks. i know that i must keep going with my optimistic view in life, with art. "j" was the cause for me to be here today and continue my mission. i will never forget him and i know that i will create even more and better works in everything i do. for myself, for "j", for my familly, for humanity...:)

mondays are always the busiest so after a few hours of hard work, i
find it necessary to share my new find artist of the week! i really enjoy the process of discovering an artist with real nice works and talents. when i fall in love with their works, i just wish to collect everything they make! this process truly helps my heart, i don't really know how to explain it in words but the joy i feel finding what other artists create, is speechless!

jakob valentine...what a nice name to begin with! i had some time to search for more things on the devil and i discovered jakob valentine! take a look at his etsy store, love love love it!

"frida kahlo"

jakob valentine is an artist from el paso, texas. he paint and sculpt at speed of full force of 100,000,000,000,000 plus his furry kitty, calcifer!

"i love all dark & ghoulishly cute things & collect everything from asian art, books, toys & vinyl figures, to posters, films, vintage clothing & more! i am fascinated with the 1920's/30's/40's & 50's hollywood movies & the fashion...i also love to collect day of the dead collectibles & is why i sculpt what i sculpt! so without further ado, here is my shoppe on & ENJOY!" ~ jakob valentine, and here.

"santa muerte"

obviously, he is creative and extremely detailed with his pieces. my favorites are all shown here, but "she devil" and "frida kahlo" are my #1s. i can't decide which one i should get first...i will share when i do!
i'm not crazy, i believe i have a good eye for unique arts. there are gazillions of artists out there, just as there are gazillions of actors or actresses or even doctors. but jakob valentine is a true talent in my books!
anyways, be sure to check out jakob valentine's etsy store and his myspace page, here.


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