Thursday, May 7, 2009


yesterday was an extremely difficult day to get through. early morning, my best friend's brother phoned me but i missed his call. then i got a text message right away. my best friend, peter, is on a job in shanghai, china, so we haven't been able to speak to each other.
anyway, he wanted to let me know that my mentor "j" had passed away. he was only 33 years old.
it's 17 hours later and i still cannot stop my tears.
what i want to share is that, if it wasn't for him, i would not have got myself accepted into art center college of design.
he was the only one who saw something in this 19 years old girl, he inspired and encouraged me that the sky was the limit. to think back, when you are young, it is so crucial to have that and i am forever grateful. i wouldn't have struggled to find myself as a designer and an artist if it wasn't for him. he didn't just tell me to go for one thing, he taught me to keep my options open, try everything until i find what i love. and i did. it was graphics and photography. i never looked back to do or be anything else. i would not have it any other way.
now i realized, i must inspire and i must encourage, even just one person at a time.
"j", i will never forget you and thank you for guiding me out of the box.

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