Tuesday, May 12, 2009


this was on sunday lunch, our whole family went for yum cha 飲茶 for mother's day. also known as dim sum, which is not the correct term. all of us sisters had this photo taken, it's funny so i had to share. the chinese writing on the back happened to say "for 4 people, $9.99"!

canvas board

so instead of finishing the other pieces, i had the urge to start on this. satan, i love the idea of him. no, i do not worship him in anyway. i'm still going through this birth and death issues. i meant to just make this piece for my customer but i kind of went off on just the idea of satan.

satan, why is he always portrayed with the color red with horns? as i began, i knew i wanted to paint a skull of him or her. then it lead to my thoughts of satan once loved, but he can still love right? so maybe that's why he is red? i guess it's hard to associate evil for me with red because i grew up with red as celebrations! especially new years! red at weddings, getting red envelopes, etc...

then i thought, satan can carry babies, not just one, but twins! he can be a she...she can fly away with her unborn babies which she loves dearly...even if she is satan!

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