Tuesday, May 26, 2009

online traffic school

i just finished my online traffic school for the first time! it was really cool and it is sooooooo much better than going to traffic school in person!

i chose www.gototrafficschool.com, i only checked the prices for 2 other sites and this one was the cheapest which was $13.95 for california. the only thing i found confusing was all these extra optional things for extra prices, which you don't need, in my opinion. you had the option of just studying the whole course on line, order a hard copy of the course to be mailed to you, or a dvd to be mailed to you also. it was not necessary.

the site is really cool, it keeps tracks of your time. i was required almost 7 hours for this online course. after you are finished with the course, you can then take the test. there were only 50 questions. if you don't pass, it says you can take it over and over again until you pass without any extra charge. i passed on the first try, without putting my whole heart into it. :) yeh! i got 8 wrong out of 50!

i got my ticket in downtown la, given by a dirty cop. i think it was around 5pm, the sun was so bright, directly in my direction as i was heading home. i made a left turn somewhere, the next thing i knew, one of those cops on the bike stopped me. then i saw a few more of them stopping all the cars behind me at about the same time. supposedly, between the hours of xxx, left turn was illegal. right, when the driver cannot even see the sign. as the ticket was given to me, the sun had lowered even more, there were no more cops. dirty cops.

lastly, they will send the certificate directly to the court where your ticket was issued so you don't have to do a thing! unless your due date is the next few days then you would have to take it yourself to the court to make sure it is on time. like me! :)

so if you need to take traffic school, check them out www.gototraffischool.com, use this referal code, X2K-DEE-52M, you will save $2!

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