Sunday, May 24, 2009

100% deutscher schäferhund

this one i plan to make it into an aceo.
it's my favorite from over 80 shots!

today was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, it was as good as it can be! as i spent it with my family i was thinking of what i should blog about for today. then i remembered i photographed my brother's dog yesterday for fun.

the most beautiful deutscher schäferhund (german shepherd)! kaizer, he is 100% pure breed. he was born on december 8, 2004. his parents were champions!

i've been wanting to photograph him for a while now and finally remembered to take my camera to my mother's house. he's my brother's dog but more like our family dog. he spends most of the time guarding the house and with my parents.

i have to say, photographing a dog that is bigger than me was not the easiest experience. i had treats the whole time but i'm pretty happy with a couple photos! and his beauty just made it so much easier considering in my mother's backyard! i would have loved to take him out to the park or something but that would be trouble. he's so protective that when he sees other dogs or strangers, he shows his territory and he wants to take them down! seriously! and i won't be able to handle him, it would be him dragging me instead!

what a beauty!

he's sooooooo smart, when he saw my mom "touch" his towel, he knew to get into the shower because he knew it was time to be washed. without anyone saying anything! in addition, he rushes to the door with convictions when he knows my brother comes home, i find that really impressive. i can't even see who is outside yet!
he's so
obedient to most of us, most of the time but to my brother, he is 10000% obedient! it's amazing to see that.

he makes faces when people leave to show them that he is going to be sad to be home alone or just with my parents! i rarely hear him bark but when he does, it can sound quite intimidating.

final thought, i remembered, on april 19th, approximately 6 sundays ago, while enjoying a relaxing day with some good friends out in canago park, i managed to check my emails. i got a random message from susan of yaffadreams, you can find her here.

she sent me this message, "you are soooooooo creative!" exact words. it felt so enduring to get a message like that out of the blue! so thank you susan! it's was so heartfelt and it just felt so great! i think it's the fact that you work so hard every day of your life as an artist, harder than any other professions because it is not up the par in our society compared to even a c.p.a.
but we do have to work harder because great art comes out of those who truly work hard at it! even if you believe how creative and talented you may be, if you don't work hard at it, just like anything else, it shows...that's why i believe artist and designers have to work even harder.

and on top of all, art is truly subjective. it's just not easy for any of us!

so anyhow, it was one of the most enduring thing you can get as an artist or designer from someone who may not know you at all but can see how creative you are by just looking at your work! truly truly truly enduring, i hold it close to my heart so i'm going to pay it forward. what a simple compliment can mean to another!

and tonight...

i hope this will be a blast! i will post the verdict tomorrow! until then...

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