Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sneak preview...

elite series

i posted 6 different designs of my new lines on my etsy store, here! i actually finished enough and i couldn't wait to share! i will be posting more today and blog about them later as i must go change my tire at costco! i posted them in my grigio store because these have no skulls in them, that's how i would like to separate them. as much as i love skulls, i understand that there are people who just doesn't! lastly, i've revised the names and added #5! here they are again:

#1 beauties & beasts: i love animals, especially the dangerous kinds! in this line, i plan to feature tigers, lions, elephants, horses, etc. possibly i might include the devil, spiders, scorpios...just my point of view, they can be considered as beauties or beasts!

"the king"
beauties & beasts series

#2 mystic creatures: i've always been fascinated with creatures that humans make up or the very rare kinds such as dragons, phoenix, mermaids, vampires, koi fish,etc.

#3 elite: a line for men but very unisex!


elite series

#4: grey affiar: a line about love, freeing love, damaged love or caged love...:)


grey affair series

"a royal love story"
grey affair series

#5 siempre te amare: matching sets for couples

"our religious love no.1 & no.2"
siempre te amare series

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