Thursday, June 11, 2009

4 new lines!

i picked these up from olverita's village yesterday while i was there for business! these are totally brand new, handmade from peru! there were 5 different kinds but i only grabbed these three. they were only $8.99 + tax each! the other 2 were larger and i think they were $12.99 + tax. i've been burning incense without a proper holder and now i've found them!

i can chant in peace and not always look over the incense while i'm chanting! i'm not sure if all three will stay with my alter...i'll take a photo of their home once i have them settled!

the 4 new lines...

i haven't listed much on etsy this week as i've been super busy designing my new lines of necklaces. yup! i said new lines, with an s! so i thought i'd take some photos of my messy stainless steel table and share a little!

i want to have a line in my grigio's shop without any skulls for those who don't like skulls. there are 4 lines in the works. i will not be debuting them the same as i did for "eternus 13", check it out here. what i mean is that i will not have the whole collections for each line completed. they will all be an ongoing theme until i hit the wall! i'm kidding!

these 4 lines i came up with will have countless possibilities, this way it will also keep me excited in finding and designing around these themes. but not limited to just the themes, i will have single pieces that will not fit in these 4 lines.

so the 4 lines: #1 beauties & beasts; #2 mystic creatures; #3 elite; #4 grey amour

#1 beauties & beasts: i love animals, especially the dangerous kinds! in this line, i plan to feature tigers, lions, elephants, horses, etc. possibly i might include the devil, spiders, scorpios...just my point of view, they can be considered as beauties or beasts!

#2 mystic creatures: i've always been fascinated with creatures that humans make up or the very rare kinds such as dragons, phoenix, mermaids, vampires, koi fish,etc.

#3 elite: simply a line for men

#4: grey amour: a line about love, freeing love, damaged love or caged love...:)

i haven't decided how i will separate these lines in my grigio and grigiodesign shop. it will be determined after the designs are finished...

i'm designing necklaces first then some will have bracelets...until then! next thursday, june 18, 2009, be sure to come and check them out!

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