Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sofia serrano's birthday party

sofia, the birthday girl!

prior to the party...

little c & alexa

this weekend, out to canoga, to cristy's home for our girlfriend sofia's birthday party! it was a blast! because it had the best, i mean the best taco, guadalajara style! and of course all kinds of tequilas! i probably ate at least 6 of those tacos and at least 8 tequila shots! i did this from about 8pm - 4am, did not get drunk at all and did not have a hang over! unbelievable! so now i've learned, if i eat enough good food while drinking in a moderate spaced out time frame, i will not get drunk and have a great time!

prior to the party, when we arrived in canoga, little c and i joined cristy and alexa to a baby shower at a near by park. it was super hot! but i managed to take some photos of little c & alexa since it was such a beautiful hot day!

how cute!

i've never seen yellow raspberries!

before i left to canoga, i went to our neighborhood farmer's market to get fresh strawberries, blue berries, and raspberries. it was a plus because they had these yellow raspberries! ooooooooo it was a perfect greeting treats for my visits! because they were so sweet and delicious! we visited cristy's in-laws shortly after the baby shower so the fruits came in handy!

the girls with sofia, the birthday girl!

this is the taco...guadalajara style!
no words can describe but i ate at least 6!
not the best photo but i did my best! courtesy of sofia!

guadalajara style sandwich...
i saved one and had it for breakfast!
oh i don't think i can eat anything else!

it's tuesday, i finally ate today as all those tacos couldn't digest thoroughly in 1 day! it's always so great to have great food every time i'm out in canoga! and those tacos, seriously, once you go guadalajara style, you will not want any other kindssssss! well, it's top of the line kind of taco!

group foto!

singing happy birthday, it took only 30 minutes :)

okay, not the best happy birthday writing on the cake huh! the boy who put it on realized he didn't have enough room for sofia's name. he asked me if there's a nick name, i had told him he had to figure it out. it was obvious that he didn't practice much! and i'm sorry i had sofia's name spelled wrong!

yes, they got sofia a nice gift in that box!

cristy & hubby sera

blanca, cristy, and alexa

at the end of the party, i busted out my polaroid camera and we took random photos! it was part of my gift to sofia! i love polaroid film! i will wait to update some other photos if i get them from someone!

approximately 3 a.m., omar & i, trying to look like a couple.

sera ~ the photographer!

all the nice fotos are courtesy of sofia & oscar!
(all fotos are linked to my etsy store)

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