Friday, June 12, 2009


congratulations to karin & sheree!

congratulations to karin & sheree!

today is my 2 twin baby sister's graduation! yeh! i bet my parents are proud! now the last 2 of 5 children are all college graduates! my oldest sister and younger brother both graduated from uc berkley in business and now these 2 will be graduating tonight from uc irvine!!! we all have a bachelor degree but guess who is the only one with the ba not from a uc?!

all of us are truly creative and artistic, it really runs in the blood. but i was the only one who had the nerve to pursue design/art. as a parent, i don't think i would like my babies to pursue design or art because i don't wish for them to struggle. yet, without struggling, how would they reach excellence?! that's a tough one, isn't it!

karin and sheree are both on their way into the real world! most likely fashion and art! they have started their own blog, here. 'karinisshering', how cute is that! aside from their 9-5 jobs, they plan to build a non profit art organization for the less fortunate kids. as we know, art classes and art supplies are not inexpensive!

these were natural grown light green roses!

a grip of graduates! congrats!

congratulations karin & sheree!

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